About us

Ltd “Pamiat” is a development company, which was the first to create unique opportunities for European trade in Lviv in 2002, after building the first shopping center ‘VAM’ at 100 Vyhovskoho Street.


Lviv picky buyer welcomed a new project, so the need for quality shopping has arisen everywhere in the city.


Therefore, new buildings of ‘VAM’ shopping malls appeared in the city every 2 years, namely at 35a Naukova Str., 358a Shevchenka Str., 62 Chervonoi Kalyny Avenue, 214 Khmelnytskoho Str., 87 Shyroka Str.


Nowadays, ’VAM’ malls are similar only in their exterior, as every mall offers not only regular grocery products in ‘Silpo’ supermarkets, but also special goods and services.


Many famous brands are represented in ‘VAM’ chain, such as ‘Comfy’, ‘Foxtrot’, ‘Eldorado’, ‘Sportmaster’, ‘Image’, ‘Antoshka’, ‘Drakosha’, ‘Komputernyi Vsesvit’, ‘Ringoo’, ‘Chysto’ drycleaners etc.


In summer 2012, ‘VAM’ shopping mall at 214 Khmelnytskoho Str. also became a great entertainment complex thanks to the family leisure center ‘BULKA’.


In December 2013, the sixth new ‘VAM’ mall was opened at 87 Shyroka Street. The construction of the 7th shopping center ‘VAM’ is being planned. Wait for the news!


The main advantages of working with us:

The main concept of ‘VAM’ shopping chain in Lviv is to meet the needs of customers with quality shopping in the most demanding city districts.

VAM’ is a chain of average size shopping centers with pleasant shopping that doesn’t irritate or tire the buyer.


For leaseholders:


The buildings of ‘VAM’ shopping malls are equipped with the best engineering and technological systems made in accordance with the European standards of trade business, which facilitate comfortable work and effective sales:


  • air conditioning system, ventilation, smoke detectors, heating;

  • sewage system and water supply;

  • fire extinguishing system and fire alarm;

  • system of general security, burglar alarm and video surveillance;

  • telephone, Wi-Fi, TV, radio, audio broadcast.


We provide:

  • 24-hour security;

  • comfortable approaches and parking lots;

  • advertising support;

  • promotion on the radio and TV;

  • advertising in public transport;

  • outdoor advertising;

  • promotion in media;

  • events, concerts, fashion shows, celebrations;

  • online advertising;