35A Naukova street

Convenient location of the shopping center "VAM" in the lively city district with bustling traffic favourably distinguishes it from the competitors.

The shopping mall takes into account the needs of all categories of buyers from the youngest to the oldest.

Convenient transportation allows you to reach the shopping center easily and car owners can park their cars in the parking lot of the shopping center.


The 1st part of the shopping mall:


  • The chain of supermarkets ‘Silpo’ which offers food and household products is located here (open round-the-clock);

  • Perfumes and cosmetics chain ‘Image’;

  • Pharmacy chain ‘DS’ and elite Opticians;

  • Youth clothing ‘Glamour’ and branded women’s clothing;

  • Jewelry salon ‘Gelios’, bags store, cookware and fabrics stores;

  • Tea gallery ‘Tea House’;

  • Dry-cleaners‘Chysto’, which will give a new look to your favorite things and  chain Silver age;


Total trade area - 3 081, 3 m2


The 2nd part of the shopping mall (open every day from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m.):


  • Household appliances chain ‘Eldorado’;

  • The chain of childhood dreams ‘Antoshka’
    The chain Obnova;
    Тhe chain Watsons.


Total trade area - 3 520, 1 m2


Come, Enjoy VAM!