214 Khmelnytskoho street

It’s the first shopping and entertainment center of ‘VAM’ chain, which besides usual shopping, contains a great entertainment zone both for children and adults. Located in one of the residential areas of Lviv at the intersection of main roads Kyiv-Chop, it’s the only shopping and entertainment center in the eastern part of Lviv which fully meets the needs of the customers with a wide range of entertaining activities for the whole family.


Convenient transportation allows you to reach the shopping center easily and car owners can park their cars in the parking lot of the shopping center.


Ground floor (open from 8a.m. till 11 p.m.):


  • Silpo’ supermarkets chain;

  • The chain of home and family products ‘Watsons’;

  • The chain of ‘ Pharmacy DS’;

  • Tea gallery ‘Victorian’;

  • The chain of ‘  ERSTEOptics

    The chain of perfumeries ‘Image ’;;


First floor (open from 10a.m. till 9a.m.):


  • Women’s clothing stores ‘Parada’, ‘Sensi’;

  • Youth clothing store ‘Geneva’;

  • Children clothing store ‘Drakosha’;

  • Men’s and women’s shoes ‘Snowimage’;

  • Pet shop ‘Zooplaneta’;

  • Women’s boutigue 'Kralya';

  • Underwear store ‘Lotus’;

  • Dry-cleaners chain ‘Chysto’.


-1 floor (open from 11a.m. till 5 a.m.)


The specialty of this ‘VAM’ center is the entertainment zone situated on -1 floor.

Family leisure center ‘Bulka’ is a holiday for the whole family:

  • Bowling ;

  • Children racetrack and labyrinth;

  • Children cafes for birthday celebrations;

  • Video- and game machines;

  • Show bar, steakhouse, pizzeria;

    academy of football.


    Total area - 11 951, 3 m2


Come, Enjoy VAM!